Beth England strikes late to win Continental Cup final for Chelsea

Beth England fires home to open the scoring. during a chilly City Ground, Montemurro had ditched his plan to outfox Hayes by dropping his wingers for a more centrally focused attack, instead restoring far more familiar width to their forward play. It worked. agen sbobet terpercaya “It could are a special story,” said Montemurro. “We were badly beaten at […]

Harry Winks hungry to become Tottenham’s unlikely midfield rock

Harry Winks battles for the ball against César Azpilicueta Winks talks therein slightly euphemistic footballer’s way of how Mourinho “pulled” him for an “honest conversation”. He doesn’t specify when but it had been plainly during his outing of the team. He also makes the purpose that Mourinho was the primary managerial change he has experienced. Previously, the 24-year-old had played […]