Beth England fires home to open the scoring. during a chilly City Ground, Montemurro had ditched his plan to outfox Hayes by dropping his wingers for a more centrally focused attack, instead restoring far more familiar width to their forward play. It worked. agen sbobet terpercaya

“It could are a special story,” said Montemurro. “We were badly beaten at Borehamwood. and appearance at the attitude to return back and completely dominate a team that did what they did to us.”

Despite their lead, Chelsea looked to be losing the midfield battle. such a lot in order that Hayes might be seen passing notes to Mjelde late within the half .

Perhaps it had been emotions getting into the way. This was Chelsea’s first League final and, with Hayes donning a green coat in tribute to idol Brian Clough as promised, it had been a title they badly wanted. “The players haven’t got a clue who he’s . My sister sent me lists of quotes this morning, my favourite one being this one, she sent me it twice so clearly she wanted me to read it bent you guys: ‘I wouldn’t say I’m the simplest manager within the business but I’m within the top one.’ Well, I’m there today. I’ll take that,” said Hayes.

This is a contest that has been kind to five-time winners Arsenal, and to Montemurro, who lifted it within three months of taking up in 2017. “There are not any second chances,” he had said in his programme notes. “The team that controls their emotions and tempo the simplest will make the smallest amount mistakes and presumably win.”

They would be words to haunt the manager. Despite the Arsenal forward line flooding the Chelsea half over and once again , the equaliser that might amend for the ropey defending that had allowed England in early seemed elusive.

However, after a lengthy pause for an injury to Berger, Arsenal bounced the resulting corner into the box for Williamson to divert from six yards. it had been a short-lived celebration though, with England poking in Mjelde’s cross to kill the Arsenal comeback.

“A lot of coaches say: we should always have, could have, would have,” said Montemurro. “But within the end, you’ve got to try to to it. We created chances, we created opportunities, and within the end they scored those they created and that we didn’t. This team will keep fighting – we showed that today.”

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